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The reason why I decided to clean out my entire gallery and delete everything, including scraps, was because of the new update DeviantART decided to share; that's right. The most recent update about art theft.
The Art Theft Discussion
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StealingArt t

It seems as thought DeviantART staff is aiming to make up more and more excuses and fancy them up just to avoid dealing with people sending in complaints that their art has been stolen, and/or copied. Personally, my art in the past had been stolen and let me tell you, I have not felt very grand upon finding out the first time it has occurred. People tracing over and copying my artwork was something I did not find very nice, either. 

However, I will still remain on this website. I just need to figure out ways on how my signatures on my artworks can be shown in more ubiquitous ways. I do not like the water marker very much, as it is very distracting and it is difficult to look at actual art pieces. So starting anew, my artworks are going to have to become as much detailed as possible, with my signature put into the artwork as much as possible ((e.g. Make it noticeable if the signature has been removed.)) 
And hey, I guess another advantage of gallery cleansing is that I can have an opportunity to start over;give a noticeable feature more often as a part of my drawing style. 

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Thx for the watch!!! XD XD XD
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hey there, curls by yeagar  
Bahnloopi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ah, I miss your unbelievable art style and crazy color scheme!! :heart:
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